False Mailers Fact Check

Voting for free lifetime healthcare for Congress:  

  • Debunked by Politifact, March 25th, 2015, as a Pants-on-Fire lie; for full explanation.

Flying first-class on taxpayer dollars:  

  • On this false claim, see also a fact check done by former Rep. Dan Maffei's (NY-24) local newspaper, the Auburn Citizen 

In short, Republicans tucked a "poison pill" provision--a prohibition on Members of Congress flying first class on taxpayer dime--into the 2015 Ryan budget proposal. Every Democrat voted against the Ryan budget. So Republicans say Democrats therefore voted to be able to use taxpayer dollars to fly first class. This is shamefully dishonest.

Voted to guarantee her paycheck even if the government shut down:  

  • Congresswoman Shea-Porter opposed the government shutdown in 2013. That shutdown was instigated and perpetrated by Republicans. She wanted do her job but Republicans prevented it. Nevertheless she gave most of her salary to charity when the government shut down. 


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