Fast Facts on Frank


DOESN’T REPRESENT USHis FEC filing reads like an encyclopedia of corporate America—Big Oil, the Koch Brothers, Citizens United, Big Pharma, the insurance industry, banking, the health care industry, defense contractors, etc.

EXTREMIST—RATED THE 31ST MOST CONSERVATIVE IN THE US HOUSE BY THE NATIONAL JOURNAL, more extremist than tea-partier Michele Bachmann. No Northeast member of Congress (from Virginia to Maine) is this conservative. In all of New England no one else comes close.

ANTI-WOMAN—ENDORSES AN EXTREME ANTI-WOMAN AGENDA.  He supports obstructing a woman’s access to birth control, and favors allowing any health plan a “moral waiver” to decline coverage for any medical condition or services they please.  He says if a pregnancy endangers a woman’s life, she should die—no exceptions, even to save her life. 

CORRUPT—RATED ONE OF 2011’S 14 MOST CORRUPT LEGISLATORS by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics and accountability in government). He is still under investigation by the Federal Election Commission about his 2010 campaign finances.

WASTEFUL—#1 SPENDER IN US HOUSE ON TAXPAYER-PAID MAILERS (‘FRANKED MAIL’), which he called “propaganda” in 2010.

PRIVATIZING MEDICARE—HAS VOTED TWICE TO PRIVATIZE MEDICARE AND REPLACE IT WITH VOUCHER-CARE, leaving seniors to the mercy of private insurers, and forcing them to pay thousands more out-of-pocket expenses. Voted to severely reduce nursing home care for seniors, and to cut federal funding for Meals on Wheels.

CUTTING SOCIAL SECURITY—He also voted for cuts that would delay benefits and reduce service. He said that he didn’t want his children even to know what Social Security was.

GUINTA’S IRRESPONSIBLE PLAN FOR HEALTH CARE: “JUST DON’T GET SICK!”—He’s voted to repeal the new law, and has nothing to replace it—with 50 million Americans uninsured, many dying for lack of coverage. 

FAILING ENVIRONMENTAL RECORD.  His F from the Sierra Club was for “drastically cut[ting] funds from critical environmental programs and endanger[ing] public health and the environment.” 

INEFFECTUAL—NO JOBS LEGISLATION (20% of their legislation was naming post offices!).  Instead of working in DC, he campaigns in NH.  The 110th and 111th Congresses have been called the most productive since Roosevelt, but Guinta and his fellow tea-partiers are being called the “do-nothing Congress.”  That’s because they are seldom in DC. 

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