Fast Facts on Frank

Top Reasons to Vote Against Guinta

CORRUPTHe broke the law by accepting $355,000 in illegal campaign contributions and lied about it for 5 years, insisting that Carol was the one lying about this. Republican leaders and newspapers across our state, including the Union Leader, have called for his resignation. After his law-breaking was revealed in 2015, the Union Leader ran an editorial that read, in its entirety, "Frank Guinta is a damned liar." And now the former chair of the NH Republican Party has filed a new complaint against Congressman Guinta for allegedly violating the law by illegally accepting $81,500, etc.

WRONG ON WOMEN’S HEALTHHe doesn’t believe women should have access to reproductive health care, even to save a woman’s life. As he said, “no abortions, no exceptions.” He’s worked to make it harder and more expensive for women to have access to cancer screenings and birth control. He’s repeatedly voted to repeal health care reforms that prohibit insurers from charging more for women. 

OPPOSES MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES— He’s opposed to raising the minimum wage, stating, “I don’t think raising the minimum wage is the way to boost the economy. When I had my first job, I didn’t come home and say to my parents, ‘I hope the federal government raises the minimum wage’.” He’s blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would increase wages for women and help their families, while claiming he supports it. He’s done nothing to pass paid family leave or affordable childcare legislation. He voted to reduce Pell grant funding and loan servicing for college students, as well as Head Start, special education, adult education, and literacy programs.

OPPOSED EXPANDING ACCESS TO TREATMENT FOR OPIOID ABUSE— At every step, he’s opposed Medicaid expansion, which has expanded access to drug treatment for 6,000 people in New Hampshire. He also voted against the Consolidated Appropriations Act (which funds the federal government), now law, which would have provided millions in new funding to prevent and treat opioid abuse, and disrupt the supply of illegal drugs.

VOTED AGAINST VETERANS—In voting against the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 (which funds the federal government), now law, he voted against funding the entire Veterans Affairs Administration budget, which included additional funding for disability compensation and pensions, medical care and research, hospital and clinic construction, Vet Centers, post-9/11 caregivers, and homeless veterans programs.

VOTED AGAINST INJURED 9/11 FIRST RESPONDERS—He voted against the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 (which funds the federal government), now law, which permanently funded heath coverage for firefighters, police, and all of the other first responders who were injured on 9/11 while saving people from terrorist attacks.

SUPPORTS CUTTING SOCIAL SECURITYHe’s voted for cuts to Social Security and supported raising the retirement age, and even said that he didn’t want his children to know what Social Security was. 

WOULD PRIVATIZE MEDICARE—HAS VOTED OVER AND OVER TO PRIVATIZE MEDICARE AND REPLACE IT WITH VOUCHER-CARE, leaving seniors to the mercy of private insurers, and forcing them to pay thousands more out-of-pocket expenses. Voted to severely reduce nursing home care for seniors, and to cut federal funding for Meals on Wheels.

OPPOSES LGBT RIGHTS— He opposed marriage equality and voted to support the Defense of Marriage Act.

BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY SPECIAL INTERESTS—His FEC filing reads like an encyclopedia of corporate America—Big Oil, the Koch Brothers, Citizens United, Big Pharma, the insurance industry, banking, and the health care industry.

DANGEROUS FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT— He received an F from the Sierra Club for “drastically cut[ting] funds from critical environmental programs and endanger[ing] public health and the environment.” And the League of Conservation Voters gave him a 6% rating, meaning he voted against the environment 94% of the time! From denying climate science to safeguarding polluters, he’s made it clear he’s a danger to our environment and public health.

WASTEFUL—#1 SPENDER IN US HOUSE ON TAXPAYER-PAID CAMPAIGN-STYLE MAILERS IN HIS FIRST TERM, which he called “propaganda” while running in 2010. In his second term, he's been the #2 big spender in the House so far in the 114th Congress.

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