Carol's Legislative Highlights

Carol Fought to Fix the Health Care System

  • Carol voted for the Affordable Health Care for America Act.  The bill will lower costs and improve benefits for middle class families, increase quality, and expand access to the 140,000 Granite Staters who are currently uninsured. The legislation will help the middle class, students, and small business owners.  Carol played an integral role in ensuring that the Medicare Part D donut hole was closed in the final bill.  The bill strengthens Medicare, allows young adults to stay on a parent’s coverage longer, and provides tax credits to small businesses struggling with insurance costs.  It also ends discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions and limits out-of-pocket costs, and eliminates annual or lifetime coverage caps.

  • Carol reintroduced the Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act in 2009.  Her legislation would protect up to $250,000 of the value of a family's home should they be forced into bankruptcy because of an unexpected illness or lack of health care coverage.

  • Carol voted for the Children’s Health Insurance Program reauthorization, which will provide health insurance to more than 11 million children, including 20,000 children in New Hampshire.

Carol Defended the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY)

  • As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Carol secured over $35 million for PNSY in her time in Congress.  These investments will ensure that the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard remains the best public shipyard in the country.

Carol Stood Up for Veterans and Military Families

  • The first piece of legislation that Carol reintroduced in the 111th Congress was the Veterans Health Equity Act.  Carol's bill would ensure that New Hampshire veterans are treated fairly, by requiring the Veterans Administration to provide them with access to in-state full-service care.  New Hampshire is the only state in the country without a full-service VA hospital or access to similar services at a military facility. Thanks to Carol’s persistence, the VA announced in July 2010 that veterans would have access to acute care via a contract with Concord Hospital in Manchester.  This is a big improvement for New Hampshire’s veterans, but it does not mean they will receive all of their care in NH. 

  • Carol worked hard on the Armed Services Committee to protect our troops.  Carol, along with Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY), successfully amended the FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to prohibit the disposal of medical and hazardous waste in open-air burn pits in war zones.

  • Carol also passed an amendment to the NDAA to protect the Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workforce by eliminating the National Security Personnel System (NSPS).  The GAO found that employees and supervisors have serious concerns about the system’s lack of fairness, credibility, and transparency.  NSPS is widely unpopular with the DoD employees who have been forced into it.

  • Carol successfully included language in the NDAA to hold reckless defense contractors accountable by authorizing the Secretary of Defense to reduce or deny award and incentive payments to defense contractors who are found guilty in a criminal, civil, or administrative proceeding of causing serious injury or the death of government personnel by gross negligence or reckless disregard.         

  • Carol introduced legislation, the Safety in Defense Contracting Act, to debar contractors who jeopardize the safety of our troops from getting contracts to do the same work.
  • Carol also introduced two pieces of legislation, which became law, to make sure that our veterans and National Guard and Reserve families are treated fairly when overpayments or bonuses need to be repaid.

Carol Protected Working Families and Children

  • Carol introduced legislation to undo changes made by the Bush Administration to the Family Medical Leave Act.  Carol's Family Medical Leave Restoration Act would ensure that working families have the flexibility they need if a family member is sick or injured.

  • Carol strongly supported the Low Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Thanks to Carol's work, NH received more than $50 million in heating assistance for low-income families last winter.  That was almost double what NH received the previous year, and allowed for almost 40,000 households (10,000 more households) to receive assistance.  

  • Carol voted for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which allows women and other workers to challenge unfair pay in the workplace.

Carol Stood Up for Fiscal Responsibility and Government Accountability

  • Carol believes in PAY AS YOU GO.  Carol was an original cosponsor of legislation to enforce statutory Pay-As-You-Go, which would require Congress to offset any new spending by either raising revenue or cutting spending in other areas.  Carol wants all Congressional spending to be offset.

  • Carol stood up to the big banks and Wall Street and voted against the bailout because it lacked accountability and oversight.  She voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act because it invested in America and put Americans to work.  It is clear that the Recovery package helped us avoid an economic disaster.

  • As a member of the Armed Services Committee, Carol helped lead the fight to pass legislation that reforms the way the Department of Defense contracts for weapons systems.  The Weapons Acquisition System Reform Through Enhancing Technical Knowledge and Oversight Act adds increased oversight and accountability to save taxpayer money by avoiding costly delays and price overruns.

Carol Fought for Education

  • As a member of the Education & Labor Committee, Carol worked to ensure that education is affordable and accessible.  Carol supported legislation that increased Pell Grants and ended subsidies to private lenders.  The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act reforms the current Federal student loan program to save taxpayers $87 billion by eliminating taxpayer subsidies to private lenders.  It reinvests $77 billion of those savings in education and redirects $10 billion to the Department of Treasury to cut the deficit.

  • Carol led the fight in Committee to achieve these investments while preserving the local services provided by the non-profit New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) and protecting its approximately 200 jobs in New Hampshire.

Carol Stood Up for Our Privacy Rights

  • Carol joined with a Republican colleague to pass an amendment to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reauthorization bill.  Their amendment prohibits the TSA from using whole body imaging machines as the primary method of screening airline passengers.  These machines produce incredibly detailed x-ray-like pictures of the people scanned – a true violation of our privacy.
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