Why Vote for Carol


YOU CAN TRUST CAROL. She’s stayed true to her promise to serve the rest of us. And she is truly grassroots. She has always run her campaigns without any corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money.

CAROL BELIEVES IN FAIRNESS. Fairness means fair wages and no special breaks for millionaires or unfair corporate subsidies. She knows the system is rigged in favor of the richest.

CAROL HAS TAKEN A LEADERSHIP ROLE ON KEY ISSUES. She introduced legislation to deal with drug addiction, co-chaired the Mental Health and Addiction Caucus, led the fight to close the donut hole for Medicare prescription drugs, founded the Allergy and Asthma Caucus, succeeded in getting five health insurers into the NH individual market, and cosponsored campaign finance reform bills. She was honored by the Humane Society for protecting animals, named an Ocean Champion, and received the national Shirley Chisholm Award for saving the Upward Bound program.

CAROL HAS WORKED TO INVEST IN OUR PEOPLE — THROUGH EDUCATION, GOOD JOBS, AND A STRONG ECONOMY. Carol has voted for infrastructure—bridges, roads, rail, power grid—and for more affordable education. Carol voted to stop shipping job overseas, to save the auto industry, and to strengthen small businesses. She refused to bail out Wall Street. An original member of the Make It in America Working Group, she supports a national manufacturing strategy and a National Infrastructure Bank.  

CAROL IS COMMITTED TO PRESERVING SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE. She has voted to protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security, and opposes the Republican Voucher-care privatization legislation that will hurt seniors.

CAROL HAS WORKED FOR CLEAN AIR AND WATER, SAFE FOOD, AND A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE. On the Natural Resources Committee, she fought to hold polluters like BP accountable and voted for renewable energy funding. She’s called for an Apollo-type program for clean energy and energy independence—a top defense and environmental security priority. Our children deserve clean, safe drinking water and clean air.

CAROL HAS WORKED TO KEEP OUR PROMISES TO VETS AND TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Carol was a military spouse and is proud of her husband’s service. She got the VA to give NH vets greater access to in-state medical care and to upgrade facilities. She voted for the new GI Bill of Rights. On the Armed Services Committee, she held reckless defense contractors accountable for gross negligence that harmed troops, prohibited the use of open-air burn pits for toxic waste disposal, and secured funds for an innovative service-dog training program to treat PTSD. 

CAROL BELIEVES IN OUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY. The government must keep out of personal, medical, end-of-life, or lifestyle decisions. It also must not access Americans’ private records without cause.  

CAROL IS HARD-WORKING, COMPETENT, AND EFFECTIVE. During her six years in Congress, Carol brought construction and jobs to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Pease. She secured funding to rebuild our bridges, increased Pell grants for students, got funding for community colleges and for community health centers in Manchester and around the district, and grants and equipment district-wide for police and firefighters. She supported programs that helped small businesses secure funding and grow, and much more. 


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