Why Vote for Carol


YOU CAN TRUST CAROL.  She refuses to take money from corporate PACs and DC lobbyists and can’t be bought by corporate special interests.

CAROL BELIEVES IN FAIRNESS. Fairness means all Americans should pay their fair share—no special breaks for millionaires and unfair subsidies for corporations.

CAROL HAS WORKED TO INVEST IN OUR PEOPLE – TO CREATE GOOD JOBS AND A STRONG ECONOMY. Carol supported investments in infrastructure—bridges, roads, rail, power grid, and more. Carol voted to stop shipping jobs overseas, to save the auto industry, and to strengthen American small businesses, manufacturing and industry.  She refused to bail out Wall Street.

CAROL IS COMMITTED TO PRESERVING SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.  She opposes the 2011 and 2012 Republican Voucher-care privatization legislation that will hurt seniors.

CAROL HAS WORKED FOR CLEAN AIR AND WATER, SAFE FOOD, AND A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE.  Carol supports laws that punish polluters.  She wants America to invest in an Apollo-type program for clean energy and energy independence—a national security priority.

CAROL HAS WORKED TO KEEP OUR PROMISES TO VETS AND TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.  Carol was a military spouse and is proud of her husband’s service.  She got the VA to give NH vets greater access to in-state medical care and to upgrade facilities.  She voted for the new GI Bill of Rights. On the Armed Services Committee, she held reckless defense contractors accountable for gross negligence that harmed troops, and her legislation prohibited most toxic burn pits that were poisoning our troops. 

CAROL BELIEVES IN OUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY. The government must keep out of personal, medical, end-of-life, or lifestyle decisions.  It also must not access Americans’ private records without cause. 

CAROL IS A HARD WORKER AND AN EFFECTIVE LEGISLATOR WHO GETS THE JOB DONE.  During her four years in Congress, Carol brought construction and jobs to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, helped secure funding to rebuild Portsmouth’s Memorial Bridge, increased Pell grants for students, got funding for community health centers and grants for police and firefighters, and much, much more.


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