Foreign Policy

The US should continue to play a leading role in fostering international cooperation on global issues while maintaining a strong defense.  I support the UN and NATO and other alliances. I believe we should use our “soft power” to achieve our foreign policy goals wherever possible.  Soft power includes humanitarian aid in the wake of natural or other disasters, or the funding of development projects in poor countries.  Military action should be a last resort when all other actions/negotiations have failed, and the situation is truly dire, or as a response to an attack on us.


Health Care

Health care was and continues to be upfront and center in the world of political boxing, also known as elections. When the bill was debated, citizens went to their politicians with pleas for more coverage, less coverage, or for no bill at all.



It is time to talk to our families, our communities, and our legislators about the value and necessity of education. It is time to defend investments in education because they are investments in our children's future, our business' future, and our nation's future. It is time to save our schools.


Energy and Environment

There are still too many climate change deniers in Congress, and this is preventing the United States from moving forward, even as time is running out to slow down climate change. If Americans want to fix this climate change problem, they will first need to fix Congress in November.


Medicare and Social Security

Beware, anyone who is old or disabled or might ever get old or disabled. If the Republicans in the United States House of Representative have their way, Medicare is going to be destroyed. The Paul Ryan plan, the so-called Path to Prosperity, privatizes Medicare and turns it into a voucher program that would hurt the old, the future old, and the disabled.


Military and Veterans

Troops and their families miss birthday celebrations, weddings, births, and funerals. Americans owe more than words of thanks, and we know it.  That’s why you never hear citizens demand that we cut the military and veterans benefits.  People know that they were earned.


Campaign Finance Reform

The Citizens United decision is outrageous, and I hope that the Court does review and overturn its decision.  But unless and until the United States Supreme Court acts, there are steps citizens and politicians can take.


Jobs and the Economy

We lost 8 million jobs during the Great Recession, and while the 23 months of private jobs growth proves that the Stimulus and other measures, such as the “Auto Bailout,” worked and that we are in recovery, Americans need a comprehensive jobs plan to move the recovery forward at a faster pace. Why can’t Congress get this done?


Deficit and Debt

Washington is awash in congratulations and claims of noble compromise. House Republicans are bragging about becoming fiscally responsible while maintaining a morally responsible budget. There’s just one problem. It's not true.  The only thing they should feel good about now is their vote to keep the United States from a catastrophic default.


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