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Our veterans have served our country, and we show our gratitude by honoring our commitments to them.  We must show the brave men and women who have served our nation that we appreciate their service.  We have to ensure that they have access to the quality health care, education, and other benefits that we promised to them.

My husband is a Vietnam-era veteran. I was proud to be a military spouse, and I understand the needs of our active-duty military and veterans. Their welfare has been one of my highest priorities in Congress. I oppose any tampering with these hard-earned benefits, and believe that such cuts would be detrimental not only to the individuals involved, but also to our military and our nation.


  • I’m an original cosponsor of the updated GI BILL OF RIGHTS, now law, which fully restores education benefits to veterans and ensures that today’s Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will have the same opportunity to attend college as their grandparents. In the 113th Congress, I voted for H.R. 357, the G.I. BILL TUITION FAIRNESS ACT, now law. It requires courses of education provided by public institutions and approved by the VA to charge veterans tuition and fees at the in-State tuition rate.

  • I voted for the VETERANS ACCESS TO CARE ACT of 2014, now law.

  • In 2008, I authored the VETERANS HEALTH EQUITY ACT, which would provide full in-state access to medical care for New Hampshire’s veterans. This approach to expand access was incorporated into the Veterans Access to Care Act. I pushed hard for improved in-state Care, and the Manchester VA Medical Center built a new mental health facility and contracted for local inpatient care with Concord Hospital. A new Vets Center clinic opened in Conway.

  • In 2014 I cosponsored legislation, now law, to REPEAL THE REDUCTION IN MILITARY RETIREE BENEFITS for younger veterans.

  • I voted for the CAREGIVERS AND VETERANS OMNIBUS HEALTH SERVICES ACT, now law, landmark legislation that provided long overdue assistance to caregivers of disabled, ill or injured veterans, and improved VA health services for women veterans.

  • I supported the WOUNDED WARRIOR ASSISTANCE ACT, now law, which provides our returning soldiers with better access to services, counselors, and patient advocates.



  • I amended the FY10 Defense Authorization to PROHIBIT THE USE OF OPEN-AIR “BURN PITS” for hazardous and medical waste disposal in war zones, and in 2013 strengthened that legislation by extending the list of prohibited items (both now law). There is evidence that some who were exposed to the dangerous toxins released in the smoke have become ill or have died. One of my early initiatives was to investigate establishing a burn pits registry to track veterans who were exposed, and the Department of Veterans Affairs has now opened a registry.

  • I introduced a bill, now law, to PREVENT THE GOVERNMENT FROM COLLECTING DEBTS AGAINST THE FAMILIES OF SOLDIERS KILLED IN COMBAT or who died from combat injuries.

  • In the FY14 Defense Appropriations Act, I secured funds to EXPAND AN INNOVATIVE MILITARY MEMBER THERAPEUTIC SERVICE-DOG-TRAINING PROGRAM that is designed to be a safe, effective, non-drug intervention to treat the symptoms of PTSD and TBI.

  • I supported the WOUNDED WARRIOR ASSISTANCE ACT, now law, which provides our returning soldiers with better access to services, counselors, and patient advocates. I also supported legislation to better address traumatic brain injury (TBI), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicide prevention, as well as to extend eligibility for health and rehabilitation benefits.

  • I included language in the FY10 Defense Authorization to HOLD RECKLESS DEFENSE CONTRACTORS ACCOUNTABLE if they endanger our troops through gross negligence.

  • I secured over $35 million for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which has helped ensure the long-term viability of the Shipyard and the continued growth of our Seacoast communities. I helped include language in the FY14 and FY15 Defense bills prohibiting base closures, which protects the Shipyard.

  • I secured funding for NH’s Full Cycle Deployment Support Program, a Yellow Ribbon program for military members and their families that supports them before, during, and after deployment because our National Guard families do not live on bases where support is provided.

  • I successfully supported bringing the new KC-46A refueling tanker to Pease, which will be the Air Force’s first Air National Guard-led KC-46A main operating base. Previously, I had secured almost $9 million in funding to build a new facility for the NH Air National Guard WING Headquarters facility and $10 million to help the 157th Air Refueling Wing consolidate its components into a single building, thus improving its overall efficiency.

  • I voted to EXPAND TRICARE military health coverage for reserve component members and their families for 180 days prior to mobilization and to prohibit fee increases on TRICARE inpatient care for 2011; amended the FY11 Defense bill to prohibit TRICARE increases for 2012. In 2014 I voted in the House to prevent TRICARE fee increases and commissary closures.


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