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Shea-Porter Campaign Releases Debate Schedule

Rochester, NH— Today, the Carol Shea-Porter campaign released its 2016 debate schedule. Shea-Porter plans to participate in five debates and three forums.


Shea-Porter is a leader

If you are a New Hampshire Democrat, chances are you have Republican friends. You’ve probably struggled with how to talk with them about their party leaders. We seem to be living in an era in which far too many “good men do nothing.” (The full quote, sometimes attributed to Irish statesman Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.")


Shea-Porter will fix problems, not create them

What we need in Washington D.C. is a Representative whose interests lies first with the constituents of New Hampshire, and whose dedication to public service has been proven. We need Carol Shea-Porter.


WMUR: Shea-Porter unveils congressional reform plan to boost transparency, end ‘revolving door’

ROCHESTER, N.H. —Democratic congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter on Monday unveiled a comprehensive congressional reform plan to increase transparency in elections and stop the “revolving door” between Congress and the lobbying industry.


AP: Northern New England shines when it comes to electing women

CONCORD, N.H. – When it comes to women in elected office, Maine stands out for longevity, Vermont for relatively high representation in its Legislature and New Hampshire for achievements across all levels of government.

As Democrat Hillary Clinton seeks to become the nation’s first female president, though, an analysis by The Associated Press finds that women in the U.S. remain significantly underrepresented at all levels of elected office. Though women make up more than half of the American population, they account for just a fifth of all U.S. representatives and senators and a quarter of state lawmakers. They serve as slightly more than a tenth of governors, in only six states, including New Hampshire.


Statement from New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett on the organization’s endorsement of Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

Hooksett – New Hampshire AFL-CIO President, Glenn Brackett, released the following statement on the organization’s endorsement of Carol Shea-Porter in her campaign for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. 


Shea-Porter Plans Return to Washington to Bring Back American Dream

Carol Shea-Porter tells an anecdote about an elevator ride with Republican colleagues after one of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses.

She stepped into the car and attempted small talk.

“I saw you all sitting on your hands,” she quipped, meaning the Republicans had not clapped during the speech. “What’s up with that?”


Carol Shea-Porter seeks to regain seat

In 2006, Shea-Porter was an outside shot running in a congressional primary against the candidate supported by the state Democrat Party.

“The 2006 campaign was run from a kitchen table with a bunch of volunteers,” she said. “I never had a paid staffer. We started with $100 in the account.”


WMUR: EMILY’s List to endorse Shea-Porter in NH’s 1st District for fifth time

The influential women’s political group EMILY’s List on Wednesday will endorse  Democrat Carol Shea-Porter’s bid for a fourth term in the U.S. House representing the state’s First Congressional District.


An Investment in Education Is an Investment in Our Future

As Granite State high school seniors begin submitting their college applications, many are excited about the opportunities that higher education brings but at the same time worried about how they will fund the journey that lies ahead.


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