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Voting for Shea-Porter, a strong advocate for veterans

Conway Daily Sun

Letter to the Editor

October 26, 2012


To the Editor:

My representative in Congress needs to be someone who actually believes you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s why I am voting for Carol Shea-Porter and would ask you to do the same.


Carol Shea-Porter doesn’t just talk about caring about us. Well before she even thought of running for office, she acted on that caring. After Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005 and devastated the Gulf, she went there and worked in shelters to help the people of New Orleans. No one told her to go, she knew no one there, she expected no public recognition, yet she felt compelled to help.


While Carol Shea-Porter was in office from 2007 to 2011, she acted on her ideals and her beliefs. As a former military spouse, she was pleased to serve on the Armed Services Committee. She was an original cosponsor of the GI Bill of Rights, ensuring that today’s veterans have the same opportunity to attend college as their grandparents. She voted to improve help for caregivers of the disabled, ill or injured veterans, and for VA health services for women veterans.


Carol Shea-Porter also got the VA to provide greater in-state access to medical care for N.H. veterans, and to upgrade facilities and services at the Manchester VA. A new VA clinic opened in Conway while she was in office.


Just what has Congressman Guinta done for veterans? He voted in the HR1, the 2011 Continuing Resolution on the budget, to end an effort to eliminate homelessness among veterans. He also supported and voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011, which takes an axe to defense funding through rapid, severe, un-targeted defense cuts. This will endanger our national security, reduce the size of the military, giving us the smallest ground force since 1940, the fewest ships since 1915, and the smallest Air Force ever. And, he admits that it could place the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at risk of closure.


As an advocate for veterans and a citizen of New Hampshire and the United States, I’m voting for Carol Shea-Porter. You should too!


Dorothy Solomon


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