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Shea-Porter will fix problems, not create them


Sept. 29 - To the Editor:

“Well, there you go again.” Representative Frank Guinta‘s questionable financials and illegal contributions are in the news, again, and all due to his own recent behavior. He has chosen to continue to play by a separate set of rules, and refuses to acknowledge his past wrongdoing. I find this truly disheartening.

What we need in Washington D.C. is a Representative whose interests lies first with the constituents of New Hampshire, and whose dedication to public service has been proven. We need Carol Shea-Porter.

Carol’s recent plan to reform transparency in Congress is a badly needed breath of fresh air, and epitomizes the differences between the two candidates. Her plan addresses issues plaguing Congress including the frivolous use of taxpayers’ dollars, the use of outside anonymous money, and shadow contributors of Super Pacs. Most importantly, Carol’s call for ending Citizens United is key to reform. We need someone who will take on the misuse of money in Congress. We need Carol.

Please vote for Carol Shea-Porter November 8th. We need a Congresswoman who will fix problems not create them.

Jan Dunn


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