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Dudley Webster Dudley: Shea-Porter has integrity


Oct. 30 - To the Editor:

I urge your readers to vote for Carol Shea-Porter for Congress. Carol has spent her professional life serving others, and first ran for office “for the rest of us,” to keep us a land of opportunity and fairness. She sees that so many of our problems are rooted in Big Money in politics — and understands the importance of getting it out. She has never accepted corporate PAC money or taken money from DC lobbyists. In Congress, she cosponsored the DISCLOSE Act, which requires donors to reveal themselves and which bans foreign-controlled corporations from funding US elections. Carol also cosponsored the Fair Elections Now Act, which would enact public financing of elections for those candidates who can gather enough voter support, countering the influence of corporate special interests and the wealthy, so all have an equal voice.

Carol stands in sharp contrast to the shameless Congressman Frank Guinta, whom the Union Leader called a “damned liar” for having lied to us for five years, claiming not to have been under investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and to have been "100 percent cleared." In fact, he was being investigated all along, and the FEC found him guilty in 2015 of taking $355,000 illegally from his parents, fined him $15,000, and made him pay it all back. Guinta's dishonesty is breathtaking. Please join me in voting for honesty — Carol Shea-Porter for Congress, for whom public office is a public trust. She has never disappointed us.

Dudley Dudley


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