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Shea-Porter Joins Burger King Civics Class 101 For Breakfast

Yesterday morning, Carol Shea-Porter carried on a longtime campaign tradition by joining Burger King Civics Class 101, a group of senior veterans who meet for breakfast and to discuss issues.


Shea-Porter Cleans Up at NH1 Debate; Guinta Runs From Extreme Record

Carol Shea-Porter emerged the clear winner at tonight’s NH1 debate, discussing the work she is doing to create jobs around the District, including the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and offering solutions for middle class families that left Frank Guinta fumbling to defend his extreme Tea Party record.


Frank Guinta Admits He Still Wants to Cut Seniors’ Benefits

Former Congressman Frank Guinta affirmed that he still plans to cut seniors’ benefits in an interview with the Concord Monitor last week, saying that “Republicans are going to want” to adopt a benefit-cutting measure, Chained CPI, in the next Congress.


Shea-Porter Calls on Guinta To Take Down Dishonest Attack Ad

The Shea-Porter campaign called on Frank Guinta to pull his misleading attack ad off the airwaves immediately. Guinta’s ad about “the perks” cites poison-pill language that both he and Shea-Porter have voted for, and this misleading citation has already forced a similar Republican ad off the airwaves. In that case, the Republican opponent admitted that the claim was not true.


Frank Guinta’s Extreme Tea Party Agenda Jeopardized New Memorial Bridge

Four years ago, on October 20th, 2010, New Hampshire and Maine were awarded a highly competitive grant to rebuild the Memorial Bridge, thanks to the hard work of Carol Shea-Porter and the bipartisan New Hampshire and Maine delegations. Months later, Frank Guinta voted to take the grant away.


Guinta Unable to Defend Extreme Tea Party Record at North Conway Debate

Unable to defend his destructive “yes” votes for slash-and-burn sequestration cuts, the extreme Ryan Republican Budget, and the even-more-radical Tea Party budget, Frank Guinta launched partisan attacks at this morning’s North Conway debate.


Shea-Porter Ad Highlights Frank Guinta's Extreme Record on Women's Issues

Today, the Shea-Porter campaign today released “Fifties,” an ad that highlights Frank Guinta’s extreme record on women’s health and pocketbook issues.


Frank Guinta’s “Republican Budget on Steroids” Exposed

Today, the Carol Shea-Porter campaign released a list of the most extreme provisions that Frank Guinta supported when he voted for the Republican Study Committee Budgets, known as Paul Ryan’s Republican budget “on steroids.”


Guinta Refuses to Denounce “Personhood” Ban On Common Forms of Contraception, IVF

When directly asked on NHPR this morning, Frank Guinta refused to answer the question of whether he supports the radical “personhood” plank of the New Hampshire GOP platform. Instead of rejecting the extreme anti-woman, anti-family agenda, Guinta dodged the question with a word-salad response.


Guinta Plans to Skip RiverWoods Debate

The Shea-Porter campaign has learned that Frank Guinta plans to skip a debate at RiverWoods Retirement Community on October 13th. Guinta’s no-show decision comes after his votes to weaken Medicare and Social Security drew criticism at the same venue in 2012.


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