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Shea-Porter Challenges Guinta, Innis to Reverse Their Support For Social Security Cuts

On 79th Anniversary, She Commits to Strengthen and Protect Benefits

ROCHESTER, NH—Today, on Social Security’s 79th anniversary, Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign reaffirmed her commitment to protect and strengthen Social Security, and challenged Republican candidates Frank Guinta and Dan Innis to reverse their support for cuts to senior benefits.

“Carol understands that generations of New Hampshire seniors have earned Social Security through a lifetime of work—that’s why she’s fighting to protect benefits for current and future recipients,” Shea-Porter spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly said. “Her dedication to seniors stands in stark contrast to what Frank Guinta and Dan Innis have said.”

Former Congressman Frank Guinta helped write the infamous Republican budget, and supports privatizing Social Security and gambling away seniors’ benefits in the stock market. In fact, Guinta is so committed to dismantling Social Security that in May 2010 he said he hoped his kids would never know what Social Security is.

At one of Shea-Porter’s open town halls last year, Republican candidate Dan Innis showed his intention to reduce benefits when he stood up and asked Shea-Porter how she would reform “entitlements,” which are actually benefits earned by a lifetime of hard work.

“Frank Guinta and Dan Innis should take Social Security’s anniversary as an opportunity to reverse their support for policies that gamble away seniors’ retirement security,” Connolly said. “Granite State seniors deserve to know whether Guinta and Innis still support extreme cuts that would threaten our seniors’ earned benefits.



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