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VIDEO: Guinta, Innis Join Brown in Denying Climate Science

EXETER—At the debate where Senate candidate Scott Brown flip-flopped on climate change, NH-01 Republican candidates Frank Guinta and Dan Innis also confirmed their membership in the ranks of New Hampshire science-denying Republican politicians. As a Mayor, Frank Guinta signed two climate change agreements. But in Exeter, both Guinta and Innis parroted Big Oil's false claim that climate change is not scientifically proven, ignoring the consensus among 97% of climate scientists that climate change is real and influenced by human behavior.

“Granite Staters can see that Frank Guinta and Dan Innis are falling over themselves to bow to out-of-state Big Oil special interests, just like Scott Brown,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly. “Both Guinta and Innis have made it clear that they would represent Big Oil in Congress, instead of the interests of New Hampshire voters.”

In the video below, both men point-blank deny the truth about climate change.

Moderator: Do you believe that the theory of man-made climate change has been scientifically proven?
Guinta: No.
Innis: No.

“New Hampshire needs representation from someone who stands up to special interests, not someone like Guinta or Innis who yield to Big Money demands,” added Connolly.

Frank Guinta relies on significant financial support from the oil-billionaire Koch brothers, who insist that Republican candidates deny the truth about climate change in order to advance their Big Oil agenda. But before he converted to singing the Koch brothers’ tune, he signed two climate change agreements during his time as Mayor of Manchester.



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