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Shea-Porter Campaign Highlights Frank Guinta’s Extreme Anti-Woman Record On Domestic Violence

Shea-Porter Reauthorized Bipartisan VAWA; Guinta Blocked It


MANCHESTER – As America celebrates the 20th anniversary of the historic Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the incidence of domestic violence is down by half, but recent headlines say that much work remains to be done. Unfortunately, that work has been hampered by politicians like Frank Guinta, who in 2012 voted against victims by blocking the passage of a bipartisan VAWA reauthorization.

“Frank Guinta’s record on women’s issues is appalling from start to finish, but his vote against victims of violence is an unfortunate low point in that extreme record,” said Shea-Porter campaign spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly. “The Violence Against Women Act historically earned broad bipartisan support—until Frank Guinta’s Tea Party Congress came to town and delayed the reauthorization of essential anti-domestic violence programs for more than 500 days, hurting women and families.”

Instead of voting for a bipartisan VAWA reauthorization, Guinta voted for a weakened, partisan version that left out vital protections for victims of abuse. Guinta was the only member of the New Hampshire Delegation who refused to support a bipartisan reauthorization; fellow Republican former Congressman Charlie Bass (NH02) explained that the Tea Party bill would have hurt Granite State crisis centers and failed to adequately protect victims.

In 2013, Carol Shea-Porter voted for the successful bipartisan VAWA renewal that Frank Guinta's Congress failed to pass. Her commitment to preventing domestic violence is unwavering, and she has supported and secured increased funding for VAWA programs.

“The revelations last week about the NFL show how important it is for women to have representatives like Carol in Congress who understand that domestic violence must be addressed,” said Connolly. “Unlike Frank Guinta, Carol is working to defend and strengthen anti-violence protections for women and families.”

Frank Guinta’s former colleague, Congressman Steve Southerland (R-FL), was slammed this week for misleading voters by claiming the vote he and Frank took for the watered-down, obstructionist version of the bill was supportive of women, instead of the exact opposite.



Guinta’s fellow Republican, former New Hampshire Congressman, Charlie Bass, did not vote for the weakened bill and stated: “I have serious concerns that H.R. 4970 does not adequately protect all victims. I am also troubled by the direct impact that this legislation would have on the crisis centers in New Hampshire that helped hundreds of victims in our state last year alone.”



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