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Frank Guinta’s New Ad Misleads About FEC Investigation

Mystery Money Remains Unexplained 

ROCHESTER—Today, Frank Guinta released a shameful attack on Carol Shea-Porter, ironically titled “The Truth,” that is chock-full of blatant falsehoods.

“Frank Guinta’s decision to make his ongoing ethics investigation, which was requested by a Republican who noted problems with Guinta’s financial disclosure forms, a campaign issue is a major mistake. Even though the Shea-Porter campaign has nothing to do with these corruption ads, the truth is that Frank Guinta is still under investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for his mystery bank account. Guinta’s ad misleadingly claims he’s been cleared by the House Ethics Committee, but they never investigated him, because he was not in Congress at the time. He is under investigation by the FEC, not the Ethics Committee. Frank Guinta’s ‘look here, not there’ approach to this ongoing ethics investigation reflects badly on him. New Hampshire voters deserve better,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly.

Guinta famously declined to tell an NHPR investigative journalist where the money came from, and when he amended his filings, he and his then-campaign manager had conflicting stories about the money.  Guinta refused requests to produce a simple bank statement that could prove whether the money was his. In 2011, the scandal earned him recognition as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress by nonpartisan ethics watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Guinta’s campaign finance issues continue to raise concerns among Guinta’s fellow Republicans. Last month, former NHGOP Executive Director Fergus Cullen wrote: “Guinta is a deeply flawed candidate. I don’t believe his vague and shifting explanations about the origins of the $355,000 he lent his campaign (he says he forgot he had the money) or how he’s being paid now for consulting on a senate campaign in Louisiana. He’s not being honest. The Republican Party cannot afford to risk nominating a candidate who is one subpoena away from a full-blown scandal.” Back in 2010, former First District Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley called on Guinta to drop out of the primary race if he couldn’t say where he got the money.

“Frank Guinta’s new ad, ironically titled ‘The Truth’, is chock-full of false attacks. The Shea-Porter campaign calls on Guinta to take down this dishonest ad and finally tell voters that he is still being investigated by the FEC,” said Connolly.

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