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Statement on Frank Guinta Repaying his Illegal Campaign Contribution

Press Release: Statement on Frank Guinta Repaying his Illegal Campaign Contribution

Rochester, New Hampshire-   Today, Naomi Andrews, Carol Shea-Porter's campaign manager, released the following statement after Mr. Guinta announced that he repaid his parents' illegal contribution to his 2010 campaign with donor money, and also announced that he will be seeking re-election in the 2016 election.

"Mr. Guinta’s donors should demand a refund.  Their contributions should not be used to pay off illegal campaign contributions or FEC fines. Mr. Guinta should follow the demands of Senator Kelly Ayotte and the major newspapers in the state and resign, or at least have the decency to admit he was lying. Instead, he is still lying about the source of the money, and he is lying when he said it was just an ‘oversight.’ He also lied in the ad he paid for against Carol Shea-Porter the last week of the 2014 campaign, when he said SHE was lying and showed a false document in the ad that made it look like he had been exonerated. That was not an oversight—the polls showed they were in a dead heat, so he spent money on that premeditated, lying ad, and he has never apologized to the people of the district or to her for deliberately misleading them and smearing her. His whole apology has been a continuation of the lie, and voters will remember. He should do the right thing and resign.”




* Guinta’s television ad calling Carol Shea-Porter a liar:


* Excerpts from the FEC’s Second General Counsel Report:


“Contributions to the Committee Were Not Rep. Guinta's ‘Personal Funds.’” -pg. 8


“Rep. Guinta did not pay any income taxes on dividends or interest earned from

the relevant accounts.” -pg. 8


“On nine of the checks, totaling $359,000, Virginia Guinta wrote "loan" above the memo line, suggesting her understanding that Rep. Guinta was borrowing funds from her. Virginia Guinta confirmed her understanding that the loans would be repaid.” –pg. 9


 “Similarly, Christine Guinta Raymond, Rep. Guinta's sister, represented that she was unaware such a family pot existed, let alone that she or either of her brothers enjoyed a legal or equitable right to access those funds: the unsupported claim that Rep. Guinta himself contributed significant sums to the accounts that now make up the family pot is also unpersuasive. Respondents have not provided us with any such documentation.” –pg. 10


“During the course of our inquiry, we engaged in protracted negotiations with Respondents' counsel to obtain the records and information that we concluded would best permit the Commission to assess the merits of Respondents' defensive theory — that is, that Rep. Guinta held legal title or an equitable ownership interest in the funds that he contributed to the Committee. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to obtain voluntarily more than a partial production of the records we sought. Nonetheless, as described further below, we conclude that the substantial weight of the credible information obtained to date continues to support the Commission's finding that there is reason to believe that Rep. Guinta and the Committee violated the Act, and we now possess an adequate understanding of the nature and source of the funds involved to proceed to pre-probable cause conciliation without expending further investigative resources.” –pg. 3





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