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Frank Guinta Rushes to the Defense of Confederate Flag (Twice) – Where Does Rich Ashooh Stand?

Rochester, New Hampshire – In the last 24 hours, Frank Guinta shamefully rushed (twice) to the defense of the Confederate flag, a symbol that reflects a terrible time in American History and should be relegated to private properties, museums, and history books.

Last night, Frank Guinta voted in support of displaying the Confederate flag at taxpayer-funded military academies. And today, Frank Guinta voted against barring the Confederate flag from flying over VA cemeteries. This is stunning—voting to allow a flag that represents secession from the United States to fly over a United States cemetery.

Now that Frank Guinta has made known his support for symbols that have too often been used to show hate and division, it’s time for Rich Ashooh to come clean with voters in New Hampshire’s First District on his position of this racially divisive symbol. 

“Frank Guinta's support for the Confederate Flag proves his values are not Granite State values. It’s time for Rich Ashooh to step forward now and let New Hampshire voters know where he stands on the Confederate Flag flying over VA cemeteries and military academies. This is a test of moral leadership and courage and willingness to stand up to his Republican party. New Hampshire, a state that sent so many of its people to fight against the Confederacy and its flag, waits for Mr. Ashooh’s response,” said Carol Shea-Porter



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