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Guinta goes home without addressing Zika virus. What would Ashooh do?

Rochester, New Hampshire – Yesterday, Frank Guinta and the Republican House grabbed their beach towels and left for two weeks without addressing the Zika crisis, even though Democrats urged them to stay and work on funding.  In fact, before he left, Tea Partier Frank Guinta voted six times against consideration of full funding for Zika. This is not surprising, given that he has a solid record  of voting against medical research and funding public health initiatives, going so far as to recommend bake sales to make up for low funding.

Now, the voters of NH need to know if his Republican opponent, Rich Ashooh, would have voted the same?

Does Rich Ashooh, who has always courted the Tea Party and attended their rallies, support the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which urgently needs and has requested $1.9 billion in emergency funds? Or does he agree with the Congressional Tea Partiers, including Guinta, who are denying proper funding even as we enter the summer months with more danger to people?

Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for former Congresswoman and 2016 Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, said,  “Just like he’s voted against medical research and public health funding in the past, Tea Party champion Frank Guinta is now swatting away what the Center for Disease Control says it needs to fight the Zika virus. His Republican opponent, Mr. Ashooh, can’t stay silent—he needs to say where he stands on this important health crisis. New Hampshire voters deserve an answer."


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