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Déjà vu? Guinta caught by Roll Call using taxpayer funded mailings (again)

Rochester, NH- Today, Roll Call printed an article entitled, “House Members Send Mail on Taxpayer’s Dime, Vulnerable Ones Do It Much More,” and New Hampshire's ethically challenged Frank Guinta's spending earned him coverage in the very first line. "Rep. Frank Guinta is one of four top spenders on so-called franked mail."

Guinta's office tried to justify being in the dirty four list again by pretending that his abuse of the taxpayers’ money was because the big spending congressman is "committed to openness and transparency, including communicating our efforts on behalf of Granite Staters, important at a time when many feel alienated from their federal government." (Eye roll.)

But Frank Guinta was caught for the same outrageous and wasteful spending in 2012 by Roll Call. This 2012 statement byNaomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate and former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, still applies:

“Congressman Frank Guinta’s spending on franked mail caught the attention of Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper”… “Roll Call examined his campaign pledge to cut spending, and criticized him and the other top tea party spenders for both their spending and their hypocrisy about it. Roll Call cited Mr. Guinta along with three others, saying they ‘ended up using the franking system, often to circulate mailings that come off as more self-promotional than informational,’ and went on to talk about Frank Guinta’s efforts to woo senior citizens. Mr. Guinta should be ashamed of himself and stop campaigning on our taxpayer money immediately.”



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