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Guinta Voted to Harm National Security

Rochester, NH— In a new ad, Congressman Frank Guinta is once again trying to trick New Hampshire's First District voters into thinking that Carol Shea-Porter, who was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, who was a military spouse and who fights hard for veterans, is weak on defense.

After we stopped laughing, we went back to read something that is not funny at all—the damage Congressman Guinta did to national security by voting for the sequester. From US News and World Report: "The hit to military readiness, training and maintenance has proven remarkably deep and swift..."

“The latest untruthful ad by Congressman Guinta underscores everything voters already knew about him; he has no solutions and only offers more of the same, a Congress that doesn’t work for New Hampshire. Guinta’s vote for the sequester was devastating—including the fact that it caused furloughs at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. After working the fewest number of days since 2007, Guinta’s Congress failed to make any progress on almost every single issue voters care about. New Hampshire voters care deeply about national security, but Congressman Guinta voted to significantly weaken it.  He is trying to deceive people once again,” said spokeswoman for Carol Shea-Porter, Naomi Andrews

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