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Guinta’s Response is Unacceptable. Shea-Porter Campaign Calls on Guinta to Drop His Support for Trump Immediately.

Rochester, NH— After waiting all night to see how Trump’s despicable comments would play-out politically, Frank Guinta released a hollow, non-statement that makes it clear that he is still endorsing and voting for Trump even though many other Republicans are denouncing him. Paul Ryan refused to campaign with Trump. Mike Pence, his running mate, says “I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them,”jumping off a sinking ship. Even Kelly Ayotte is now refusing to vote for him. Conservative Republicans all across the country, from Jason Chaffetz to Scott Garret to, are pulling their support.

Guinta must do the same and acknowledge that the man he has supported for president, Donald Trump, believes that he is entitled to sexually assault women. Simply calling these comments unacceptable and then moving on like nothing ever happened is precisely what’s stomach-turning about Frank Guinta. Frank Guinta says he wants to have “an honest conversation about the very real problems our state and country face.” But Frank deliberately ignores the issue—people have a very real problem with his nominee thinking that he can verbally and sexually assault women because he’s “a star.”

While many Republican leaders called the video sickening and repugnant, Guinta’s statement included a hard pivot back to his own campaign. This comes as no surprise to those that have watched Frank Guinta over the years.

Frank Guinta will do anything to save his political career, including sticking with Donald Trump. Because Guinta’s response was embarrassingly inadequate, the Shea-Porter Campaign has decided to assist him. Here’s what Guinta should have said: “I find these comments utterly disgusting and repulsive. They are not just unacceptable, but completely disqualifying for public office. Women are not objects that can be groped whenever a star or wealthy individual sees fit. This is sexual assault, and I won’t stand for it or support a man who believes it’s okay. I will not vote for Donald Trump in November.”

Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement in response to Congressman Guinta’s illogical and insulting pivot:

“Frank Guinta’s just brushed off Trump’s disgusting behavior. He must drop his support for the Republican nominee immediately. Trump’s comments were offensive, repulsive, disgusting, and inexcusable. It is very telling that Guinta continues to support, endorse, and vote for a man who feels that his stardom entitles him to sexually assault any women he finds attractive.”



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