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Shea-Porter Campaign calls on Guinta to Renounce Trump’s Comments that Veterans with PTSD “Can’t Handle It”

Rochester, NH— Congressman Frank Guinta, who claims he supports our troops and veterans even as he votes against increases in funding for them, hit a new low as he remained silent about Donald Trump's latest attack on veterans. Donald Trump, who has never served a day in his life, suggested that veterans returning from the horrors of war and suffering from PTSD “can’t handle it” and “aren’t strong.” Despite the tremendous work many organizations are doing to combat the stigma around PTSD, Donald Trump chose to continue the myth that soldiers and veterans suffer from PTSD because they aren’t strong enough. This is completely offensive, it harms the good work many people are doing to prevent and treat PTSD, and it’s simply wrong.

“Frank Guinta is serving as a lapdog for Donald Trump instead of standing up for the people Trump is bullying. Trump's newest attack is again on veterans, and again, Mr. Guinta is silent. Carol Shea-Porter was a military spouse and served on the House Armed Services Committee.  She has met many brave men and women who served their country in war and are now being treated for PTSD. They are heroes and do not deserve Trump's insults," said Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for Carol Shea-Porter. 



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