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Shea-Porter Wins First Debateā€”Holds Guinta Accountable

Concord, NH— Tonight, Carol Shea-Porter held Frank Guinta accountable for his out-of-touch voting record and fordeceiving New Hampshire voters. Guinta broke the law by accepting $355,000 in illegal campaign contributions, deceived Granite State voters about it for five years, and was found guilty. As his Republican primary opponent, Rich Ashooh said, “This is not minor, this is the largest scandal of a campaign finance issue we’ve had in New Hampshire. Worse, he broke the trust of the voters, he lied.”

Frank Guinta may want voters to move on from his campaign finance scandal, but there’s a reason his net favorability is still -19, according to the latest WMUR/UNH poll. Guinta was also forced to defend his full-throated support for Donald Trump, which is turning off independent voters and women.  

“Tonight, New Hampshire voters were reminded why they can’t trust Frank Guinta. Putting politics over people, Guinta continues to support Donald Trump, who has mocked people with disabilities and attacked the family of a fallen hero. While Guinta tried and failed to deflect attention from his illegal campaign contributions, Carol Shea-Porter highlighted her plans for a brighter future, where women earn equal pay for equal work, where every child has the opportunity to attend college or tech school, and all Americans can achieve financial security and prosperity,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Naomi Andrews.

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