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Shea-Porter v. Guinta Presents a Stark Contrast

Manchester, NH— Tonight, Carol Shea-Porter will face Frank Guinta in the final debate of the 2016 cycle.  The voters of New Hampshire’s First District will be presented with a stark contrast between their policies, their character, and their vision for New Hampshire and the country. Carol Shea-Porter has been an honest, independent, and effective leader for New Hampshire. Frank Guinta accepted $355,000 in illegal campaign contributions and lied about it for five years.

Campaign Finance: Shea-Porter is endorsed by Democracy for America and End Citizens United. When it comes to campaign finance reform, she walks the walk. She doesn’t accept contributions from corporate PACs or DC Lobbyists. She can’t be bought, and she’ll always stand up for what’s best for New Hampshire, not the DC corporate special interests.

Frank Guinta accepted $355,000 in illegal campaign contributions, lied about it for five years, and was ultimately found guilty 6-0 by the FEC. He was forced to pay one of the highest fines they’ve ever issued.  The Union Leader called him a “damned liar.”  Every newspaper and his party’s leadership called for his resignation.  Senator Ayotte reiterated her call on him to resign on his primary election day.  His primary opponent, Rich Ashooh said, “This is not minor, this is the largest scandal of a campaign finance issue we’ve had in New Hampshire. Worse, he broke the trust of the voters, he lied.” He also said, “When you’re right, you fight…You settle in order to avoid further prosecution.” He is currently facing another FEC complaint by the former chair of the NH GOP accusing him of keeping an additional $81,500 in contributions for himself.

Opioid Crisis: Shea-Porter has always worked on these issues. She started a social services non-profit agency.  In Congress, she served as Vice-Chair for the Addiction, Treatment and Addiction Caucus. She helped pass Medicaid expansion, which is providing access to drug treatment for 6,000 people in New Hampshire. She was instrumental in passing mental health parity legislation and led the charge to make Narcan more available.She also introduced legislation to safely dispose of prescription drugs and was an original cosponsor of the Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2014. 

In the Budget Committee, and on the House Floor, Guinta voted against funding for opioid treatment and prevention. He has failed to provide adequate funding for the new programs passed last summer to combat this crisis. He has also voted repeatedly to repeal the ACA, which would take drug treatment away from 6,000 people in New Hampshire. 

Women: Shea-Porter has earned the endorsements of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Emily’s List.  She cosponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and and is a fierce advocate for equal pay legislation and paid family leave. Guinta has repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood. He is 100% opposed to abortion care, without exception, even to save the life of the mother. His healthcare plan would force women to pay extra for pregnancy coverage, and they could be on the hook for the entire bill. He would repeal protections for women that prevent insurance companies from charging them more and would force women to pay more for contraception.

Seniors: Shea-Porter has earned the endorsement of the National Committee to Protect and Preserve Social Security and Medicare. She knows that these programs are benefits that seniors have earned, and she’ll fight to protect and preserve these programs for future generations. Frank Guinta has said he hopes his children never know what the words “Social Security” mean. He’s said everything should be on the table, including raising the retirement age and privatization. Guinta would gamble seniors' retirement savings on the stock market. 

Active Military/Veterans: Shea-Porter served on the House Armed Services Committee in Congress where she fought successfully to prohibit open-air “burn pits” for toxic and hazardous waste disposal in war zones, protecting our service members from dangerous and harmful toxins that cause terrible health problems. She passed legislation, now law, that would prohibit the government from collecting debts owed by veterans that died in combat. She also helped introduce and pass the new GI Bill of Rights. She supported the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act, and secured funds to expand an innovative military member therapeutic service-dog training program that is designed to be a safe, effective, non-drug intervention to treat the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. She is endorsed by Veterans and Military Families for Progress. Frank Guinta voted against $4.7 billion for veterans’ medical care and opposed money to hire hundreds of disability claims processors. He even opposed funding for PTSD research.

Jobs and the Economy: Carol has earned the endorsement of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the workers at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. She has secured over $30 million for facility upgrades to project jobs at the Shipyard. At Pease National Guard Base, she secured the funding for new headquarters building and other facilities, which allowed the Air National Guard to win the Air Force's first round competition to base the new KC-46 refueling tankers there, creating even more jobs. She has consistently supported small business tax breaks and knows that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. She introduced legislation to double the tax deduction for startup expenses. Frank Guinta voted for the sequester, which caused furloughs at PNSY and significantly stalled our economy. He opposes equal pay legislation and raising the minimum wage, which would put more money in families' pockets. He’s voted to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

Environment: While in Congress, Carol was a member of the Natural Resources Committee. She believes in climate change and has earned the endorsements of the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. She has consistently supported legislation to ensure that we have clean air and clean water and to protect our public lands. Guinta has voted to undermine clean water and air protections while protecting tax breaks for Big Oil. He’s consistently opposed energy efficiency legislation and incentives to promote green energy jobs. Worse, he denies that climate change exists, threatening the future of our planet.

Students- Carol has called for affordable higher education for all Americans and has a successful record of expanding Pell Grants and lowering student loan interest. She helped eliminate subsidies for private banks and used that money to increase Pell Grants. Sadly, Guinta has voted to cut Pell Grants; he opposes allowing students to refinance their loans, and has not proposed any ideas to reduce the cost of college.



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