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Guinta Voted to Harm National Security

In a new ad, Congressman Frank Guinta is once again trying to trick New Hampshire's First District voters into thinking that Carol Shea-Porter, who was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, who was a military spouse and who fights hard for veterans, is weak on defense.


Pride Fund to End Gun Violence Endorses Carol Shea-Porter for Congress

Yesterday, Carol Shea-Porter earned the endorsement of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. Founded in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando that claimed the lives of 49 people at the Pulse nightclub, the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence supports LGBTQ advocates that pursue common-sense proposals to prevent gun violence.


Shea-Porter Wins First Debate—Holds Guinta Accountable

Tonight, Carol Shea-Porter held Frank Guinta accountable for his out-of-touch voting record and fordeceiving New Hampshire voters. Guinta broke the law by accepting $355,000 in illegal campaign contributions, deceived Granite State voters about it for five years, and was found guilty. As his Republican primary opponent, Rich Ashooh said, “This is not minor, this is the largest scandal of a campaign finance issue we’ve had in New Hampshire. Worse, he broke the trust of the voters, he lied.”


Barack Obama Endorses Carol Shea-Porter

Today, candidate Carol Shea-Porter, running for election in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, announced the endorsement of Barack Obama.


FACT CHECK: Guinta Misleads Voters about his Record Combating the Opioid Crisis

Last night, Congressman Frank Guinta misled NHPR listeners about federal actions and funding for the heroin and opioid crisis, and he should acknowledge it, because facts matter. Congress has only appropriated $7 million to combat the opioid crisis—for the entire nation. This is ridiculously insufficient. It’s dangerous to pretend that Congress has funded this crisis when it hasn’t.


Members of Bernie Sanders for President Steering Committee and Delegates Endorse Carol Shea-Porter

Today, members of the Bernie Sanders for President Steering Committee in the First District announced they are endorsing Carol Shea-Porter for Congress. The list of Sanders supporters includes almost every member of the steering committee and almost every national convention delegate as well as several senior members of Sanders’s campaign staff in New Hampshire.


Shea-Porter Campaign Releases Debate Schedule

Rochester, NH— Today, the Carol Shea-Porter campaign released its 2016 debate schedule. Shea-Porter plans to participate in five debates and three forums.


Shea-Porter Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign has endorsed Carol Shea-Porter for re-election to Congress in New Hampshire’s First District. 


Trump should be himself?

Rochester, NH— Just after the last Presidential Debate came to a close, the Trump Campaign rushed to release a statement from his top cheerleader, Frank Guinta, declaring Trump the winner. As the nation, repulsed by Trump’s latest comments, prepares to watch the next debate, the Shea-Porter Campaign is asking if Guinta will once again rush to Trump’s defense.

Guinta said during a CloseUp interview taped Friday morning that he hoped Donald Trump would just “be himself.” He bragged how he’s spent time with Trump and talked with him extensively. As even more evidence emerges that proves Trump is a disgusting misogynist, we wonder if Frank stands by his statement that Trump should just “be himself.” As many learned over the weekend, Trump “being himself” is sickening and repulsive.

“Given all that we’ve learned about Trump in the last few days, will Guinta rush to defend the man he called ‘refreshing’ and a ‘serious leader’ and continue to pretend this never happened, or bow to political pressure like Kelly Ayotte did and withdraw his support? He knows exactly what Trump ‘being himself’ means, so it is outrageous for Guinta to urge Trump to ‘be himself.’ Frank must retract his statement, withdraw his support for Donald Trump, and apologize to New Hampshire citizens for misleading them about Trump,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman, Naomi Andrews. 


Veterans and Military Families for Progress Endorses Carol Shea-Porter

Today, Carol Shea-Porter received the endorsement of Veterans and Military Families for Progress (VMFP). Founded in 2005, VMFP works to ensure that the needs of veterans, active duty service members, and their families are understood by the American public and supported by legislation, regulations, and public policy initiatives.


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