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Shea-Porter Endorsed by NEA-New Hampshire

Rochester, NH—NEA-NH, representing 17,000 New Hampshire educators, has endorsed Carol Shea-Porter for re-election to Congress in New Hampshire’s First District.

“We’re supporting Shea-Porter because she is a tireless defender of public education,” said Scott McGilvray, NEA-New Hampshire President

“What matters now is that we elect leaders who will stand up for students, educators and working families. We need leaders who will support public education and public school students,” continued McGilvray. “We must elect leaders like Shea-Porter who share our vision for the future and who will help protect our right as working Americans to have a voice in our workplace. 

“Every child in New Hampshire, from a Head Start toddler to a graduating high school senior, deserves a first-class education. In New Hampshire’s first district, we need a leader who will fight for public education. It is a top priority that we work together to support our teachers and students. That is why I am proud to have again earned the endorsement of NEA-New Hampshire,” said Shea-Porter


Guinta once again signs Washington Lobbyist Grover Norquist's Pledge. What will Ashooh do-sign it for a second time or stand up for Granite Staters?

Rochester, New Hampshire – Yesterday, Frank Guinta once again surrendered New Hampshire citizens' rights to representation by signing Washington lobbyist Grover Norquist's tax pledge.

CBS News had this to say about Norquist: "He is not a member of Congress, nor the holder of any public office. He's a lobbyist and a conservative activist named Grover Norquist, who over the years has gotten virtually every Republican congressman and Senator to sign an oath called, "The Pledge."

Mr. Norquist claims the federal government does nothing good with our money, and it should be shrunk to the size that it “could be drowned in the bathtub.” It's laughable since Mr. Guinta has been on a government payroll for most of his career.

Mr. Ashooh has also received his paycheck from tax-payer money for most of his career. He was on the federal government payroll as a staffer for right wing Senator Gordon Humphrey, and then for former Senator Warren Rudman.  Mr. Ashooh then lobbied Congress for federal dollars for defense contracts, so he clearly understands that the federal government has a responsibility for security and also creates jobs. Does Ashooh also want to destroy the federal government and end jobs for the people it employs?

Mr. Ashooh is a tea partier who has said he would join the Tea Party Caucus if elected. Now, NH voters want to know if he will sign allegiance again to Norquist.

Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for former Congresswoman and 2016 Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, said,  “Tea Partier Frank Guinta’s re-signing the Norquist pledge is no surprise. His Republican opponent, Mr. Ashooh,  who has also signed the pledge before and has said he would join the Tea Party Caucus, can’t stay silent. He needs to say if he will once again bow to Washington lobbyist Norquist and surrender NH citizens’ rights to representation.  New Hampshire voters deserve an answer—what will Ashooh do?"



Guinta goes home without addressing Zika virus. What would Ashooh do?

Rochester, New Hampshire – Yesterday, Frank Guinta and the Republican House grabbed their beach towels and left for two weeks without addressing the Zika crisis, even though Democrats urged them to stay and work on funding.  In fact, before he left, Tea Partier Frank Guinta voted six times against consideration of full funding for Zika. This is not surprising, given that he has a solid record  of voting against medical research and funding public health initiatives, going so far as to recommend bake sales to make up for low funding.

Now, the voters of NH need to know if his Republican opponent, Rich Ashooh, would have voted the same?

Does Rich Ashooh, who has always courted the Tea Party and attended their rallies, support the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which urgently needs and has requested $1.9 billion in emergency funds? Or does he agree with the Congressional Tea Partiers, including Guinta, who are denying proper funding even as we enter the summer months with more danger to people?

Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for former Congresswoman and 2016 Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, said,  “Just like he’s voted against medical research and public health funding in the past, Tea Party champion Frank Guinta is now swatting away what the Center for Disease Control says it needs to fight the Zika virus. His Republican opponent, Mr. Ashooh, can’t stay silent—he needs to say where he stands on this important health crisis. New Hampshire voters deserve an answer."


Guinta endorses Trump. The question remains- what will Ashooh do?

Rochester, New Hampshire – Today, Frank Guinta officially endorsed Donald Trump. Nobody except Mr. Guinta can say exactly which issue finally prompted him to endorse Trump—it could be Trump's trashing women, or his new addition of murder to his conspiracy theories list, which already included his birther belief that President Obama was born in Kenya and that the Chinese created the concept of global warning.

Now, the voters of NH need to know if Rich Ashooh will make the same strong statement of support for the man who recently challenged the Mayor of London to an IQ challenge test, and of whom leading conservative and military historian Max Boot wrote in USA Today, "If voters nominate him, they will confirm everything bad that Democrats have ever said about the GOP.  A Trump nomination will splinter the party, sully its good name — and increase the risk that a dangerous demagogue will assume the most powerful position in the world."

Does Rich Ashooh support and endorse Donald Trump's statements that Senator John McCain is not a war hero because he got captured and tortured? Does he think Trump insulted the military and veterans when he claimed, after enjoying military deferments, that avoiding venereal disease was "my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.” Or does he have the courage to join real Republican leaders and denounce Donald Trump's ignorant and hateful comments?

Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for former Congresswoman and 2016 Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, said:  “This is Mr. Ashooh's Profile in Courage test, and he must show voters if he has the courage to speak up against Trump, about whom Mitt Romney said, ‘His domestic policies would lead to recession. His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. And his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a ‘shining city on a hill...’’ Mr. Ashooh was a lobbyist for the defense industry for more than two decades. Does he agree with leading military experts that Donald Trump would make the world less safe? If he does, he should say so, for the good of our country."

Carol Shea-Porter, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District, previously called on Frank Guinta and Rich Ashooh to denounce Trump’s deeply offensive statements.  Shea-Porter additionally called on Guinta to return a personal contribution Trump made to Guinta’s re-election campaign earlier last year.




Frank Guinta Rushes to the Defense of Confederate Flag (Twice) – Where Does Rich Ashooh Stand?

Rochester, New Hampshire – In the last 24 hours, Frank Guinta shamefully rushed (twice) to the defense of the Confederate flag, a symbol that reflects a terrible time in American History and should be relegated to private properties, museums, and history books.

Last night, Frank Guinta voted in support of displaying the Confederate flag at taxpayer-funded military academies. And today, Frank Guinta voted against barring the Confederate flag from flying over VA cemeteries. This is stunning—voting to allow a flag that represents secession from the United States to fly over a United States cemetery.

Now that Frank Guinta has made known his support for symbols that have too often been used to show hate and division, it’s time for Rich Ashooh to come clean with voters in New Hampshire’s First District on his position of this racially divisive symbol. 

“Frank Guinta's support for the Confederate Flag proves his values are not Granite State values. It’s time for Rich Ashooh to step forward now and let New Hampshire voters know where he stands on the Confederate Flag flying over VA cemeteries and military academies. This is a test of moral leadership and courage and willingness to stand up to his Republican party. New Hampshire, a state that sent so many of its people to fight against the Confederacy and its flag, waits for Mr. Ashooh’s response,” said Carol Shea-Porter



With Trump’s Nomination Seemingly Secured, Time for Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta to Follow Through on Pledge to Support

Rochester, New Hampshire – Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta need to follow-through and come clean with voters in New Hampshire’s First District on their pledge to support Trump for president.  

Ashooh recently told NH1 last month that he wouldn’t commit until Trump had the nomination. With Ted Cruz leaving the race last night and John Kasish leaving today, Ashooh is left with little choice.

Carol Shea-Porter, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District,  has already called on Frank Guinta to denounce Trump’s deeply offensive statements. Guinta told NHPR in March that he will support the eventual nominee.

Shea-Porter additionally called on Guinta to return a personal contribution Trump made to Guinta’s re-election campaign earlier last year. Frank Guinta refused to comment to WMUR on whether he’d return the contribution.

“Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta need to admit to Granite State voters that they pledged to blindly support their nominee, including Donald Trump and his ignorant and dangerous views. We already know where Frank Guinta’s loyalties lie, as he refused to condemn Donald Trump for his hateful and divisive remarks, and he has also refused to return the campaign money he took from Trump earlier last year,” said Shea-Porter. “Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta have already said that they will commit to supporting the eventual nominee, so now Granite Staters will see whether Ashooh and Guinta will follow through on their promise to Republican voters." 



Frank Guinta cannot change his appalling record with rhetoric

Rochester, New Hampshire-  Today, Naomi Andrews, spokeswoman for former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement in response to Frank Guinta’s recent press release.  In the release, he is quoted highlighting the importance of Meals on Wheels and that Social Security and Medicare could be saved with some “simple changes.” 

“Tea Party Republican Frank Guinta supported the Paul Ryan budget, and his votes closed Head Start programs, cut Meals on Wheels, spending on cancer research, and money for bridges and other infrastructure, among other programs.  He cannot change his appalling record with rhetoric.

Congressman Guinta supported Medicare vouchers and said he hoped his children would never know what the words, "Social Security" meant. He now is trying to  claim that he is for the middle class, but Congresswoman Shea-Porter has been the one who actually voted for them.” 



Frank Guinta’s Re-Election Off to A Rocky Start

Press Release: Frank Guinta’s Re-Election Off to A Rocky Start

Guinta votes to protect predatory payday lenders, received payday lending contribution at end of last month

Rochester, New Hampshire-   If Frank Guinta’s first week of his re-election campaign demonstrates anything – it is that he has already shown his true allegiances to the big banks, and can’t be trusted to look out for middle-class New Hampshire families.

First: he announced that he was paying back his parents the illegal money he took to first get elected to office – after years of lying to the press and Granite Staters claiming that he committed no wrongdoing.

Then: House Republicans rewarded Guinta’s stellar record of financial stewardship by placing him on the Budget Committee to oversee how to spend taxpayers’ money. You read that right.

Yesterday: Guinta voted to gut protections against pay day lenders who potentially abuse their access to American’s bank accounts. Perhaps a campaign contribution from a pay day lending PAC at the end of last month helped guide Guinta to his vote today. With just $12,000 cash on hand, it’s no surprise that his campaign is desperate for the money.

“Less than a week since announcing his re-election, Guinta has already lied again about his illegal campaign contributions, saw his bad behavior rewarded by House Republicans who just gave him a seat on the budget committee in spite of his inability to manage money and follow the law, and is now protecting predatory lenders from accountability when they exploit American consumers,” said Naomi Andrews, Carol Shea Porter's campaign manager in New Hampshire’s 1st  Congressional District. “If Frank Guinta’s first week of his re-election campaign demonstrates anything – it’s that he will do and say anything to stay in office, and that he can’t be trusted." 



Statement on Frank Guinta Repaying his Illegal Campaign Contribution

Press Release: Statement on Frank Guinta Repaying his Illegal Campaign Contribution

Rochester, New Hampshire-   Today, Naomi Andrews, Carol Shea-Porter's campaign manager, released the following statement after Mr. Guinta announced that he repaid his parents' illegal contribution to his 2010 campaign with donor money, and also announced that he will be seeking re-election in the 2016 election.

"Mr. Guinta’s donors should demand a refund.  Their contributions should not be used to pay off illegal campaign contributions or FEC fines. Mr. Guinta should follow the demands of Senator Kelly Ayotte and the major newspapers in the state and resign, or at least have the decency to admit he was lying. Instead, he is still lying about the source of the money, and he is lying when he said it was just an ‘oversight.’ He also lied in the ad he paid for against Carol Shea-Porter the last week of the 2014 campaign, when he said SHE was lying and showed a false document in the ad that made it look like he had been exonerated. That was not an oversight—the polls showed they were in a dead heat, so he spent money on that premeditated, lying ad, and he has never apologized to the people of the district or to her for deliberately misleading them and smearing her. His whole apology has been a continuation of the lie, and voters will remember. He should do the right thing and resign.”




* Guinta’s television ad calling Carol Shea-Porter a liar:


* Excerpts from the FEC’s Second General Counsel Report:


“Contributions to the Committee Were Not Rep. Guinta's ‘Personal Funds.’” -pg. 8


“Rep. Guinta did not pay any income taxes on dividends or interest earned from

the relevant accounts.” -pg. 8


“On nine of the checks, totaling $359,000, Virginia Guinta wrote "loan" above the memo line, suggesting her understanding that Rep. Guinta was borrowing funds from her. Virginia Guinta confirmed her understanding that the loans would be repaid.” –pg. 9


 “Similarly, Christine Guinta Raymond, Rep. Guinta's sister, represented that she was unaware such a family pot existed, let alone that she or either of her brothers enjoyed a legal or equitable right to access those funds: the unsupported claim that Rep. Guinta himself contributed significant sums to the accounts that now make up the family pot is also unpersuasive. Respondents have not provided us with any such documentation.” –pg. 10


“During the course of our inquiry, we engaged in protracted negotiations with Respondents' counsel to obtain the records and information that we concluded would best permit the Commission to assess the merits of Respondents' defensive theory — that is, that Rep. Guinta held legal title or an equitable ownership interest in the funds that he contributed to the Committee. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to obtain voluntarily more than a partial production of the records we sought. Nonetheless, as described further below, we conclude that the substantial weight of the credible information obtained to date continues to support the Commission's finding that there is reason to believe that Rep. Guinta and the Committee violated the Act, and we now possess an adequate understanding of the nature and source of the funds involved to proceed to pre-probable cause conciliation without expending further investigative resources.” –pg. 3





Carol Shea-Porter Calls on Frank Guinta to Return Campaign Contribution from Donald Trump

Carol Shea-Porter Calls on Frank Guinta to Return Campaign Contribution from Donald Trump

After Trump’s divisive and dangerous remarks, Guinta should return Trump’s personal contribution

Rochester, New Hampshire-  Today, Carol Shea-Porter, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District, is calling on Frank Guinta to return Trump’s personal contribution to his re-election campaign. Last night, Trump made disparaging and divisive remarks that only further play into the hands of radical extremists and puts homeland security at risk, but Frank Guinta has remained silent.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Trump personally gave Guinta $1,000 for his re-election campaign.

"This year, Frank Guinta accepted a personal donation from Donald Trump, who was called out last night for his hateful, un-American remarks that not only divide our country, but also put our homeland security at risk and play right into the hands of radical extremists," said Shea-Porter. "If Frank Guinta is at all concerned about keeping Americans safe, he should immediately return Donald Trump's contribution and condemn Trump’s remarks.”

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